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We are grateful that you have chosen to support this ministry, and thank you for taking the time to view the products we have made available at this time.  We are currently in the process of updating our products, so please return often.

Velma Childers is a television evangelist, but once you've seen her television program, "Forgiven," you'll discover what's different about this lady and her ministry.  This program is not flashy hype full of gimmicks and unsubstantiated claims or promises.  "Forgiven" is the culmination of over 40 years of ministry and a lifetime of reality - real, honest, ministry that touches hearts with tenderness and understanding.  So, while Velma Childers is a television evangelist, she is first and foremost a world missionary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To some, that would sound trite and ordinary, but to a lady of faith who has lived her life with the motto, "Lord, here am I, send me," this is not religion - it's a way of life.
"Forgiven" is a program about honesty, reality, and the potential of faith in walking through life's most difficult journeys.  Velma, herself, having been subjected to childhood abuse and a lifetime of difficult circumstances, is a minister with a heart.  Her wisdom is not merely the product of theology, diplomacy, or opinion, it is founded in real faith for real people in the real world.  In presentation, much the style of the late great Katherine Coolman, Velma's tenderness toward the heart of people is evident, as she relays the message of the Gospel.  In practice, her walk as a Christian is filled with fruits of the Spirit, making "Forgiven" a program about honest faith in real life.  Velma's wisdom is non-condeming, intently full of concern, and reactively faith-based.
Velma Childers Evangelistic Association endeavors to reach the world one heart at a time, and "Forgiven" is the message.  So, whether you are conversing with Velma directly through her website,, or watching her on a national broadcast via, CTN, SkyAngel, or DirecTV, the message you'll hear is one of power and promise, a direct challenge to live a Godly life in an ungodly world, all the time finding that life is blessed when you live "Forgiven."


Featured Items

No! No! Please Don't! (Velma's Autobiography)

The amazing autobiography of Dr. Velma Childers, who has spent a lifetime walking through the recovery of childhood abuse and the potential of faith in overcoming adversities. This book is used as a resource by ministries and organizations worldwide.

A Peculiar Treasure/Prayer (CD)


Hope for the Family/So! You're Single (CD)


Adoration to God/Sing a New Song (CD)


The Glory/Walking in Victory (CD)


To Be Debt Free/Debts Under Your Feet (CD)


God's Power to Prosper/Exercise Faith to Prosper (CD)


By Request - Patsy Dean (Music CD)

Patsy Dean is an accomplished pianist and wife of a minister. Her brilliant personality and resounding talent and joy are as sweet as a heavenly rain. This debut CD (only) collection includes 13 medleys.

Simply Free - Praise & Worship (Music CD)

 Sale $10.00
Original praise and worship songs written by Johannah Mackin & Jeremy Dean, designed for individual worship time and encouragement.

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